The Cariou family Live an autonomous life in Provence. Faced with the huge costs of property in the area they were fortunate to buy a small Olive Grove in which they have designed and built their home.
The Cariou’s run electricity from a 140-watt solar panel, that is sufficient even in the winter, and provides them with light and music. They are in the process of installing a mechanical pump that will bring water from the river to a tank. In winter they will use solar energy to heat the water, as the river is too cold and the current too strong for bathing. Their goal is to move as far as possible from the use of non-renewable fuel for reasons of expense and environmental consequence. 
“The state puts everything into ones hands but one must always work to sustain that materialistic way of life. Money serves to make the system function and people become slaves to it.” They want to be as small a part of this cycle as they can be. And choose to find autonomy from the state. Yanick sustains the family with his earning from olive, apricot and lavender farming.
They do not have neighbours. “It is our choice to live unseen. It is not easy to live in a different way with others watching. No neighbours, no worries. Maybe one day we will have problems but we will find ways. To take the decision to live in this way is a form of combat against modern materialistic life. And we will fight for that decision.”

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